Information only arrives when language is conveyed emotionally –

Even though countless online language tools have made it a lot easier for us to communicate with friends, customers and colleagues from all over the world,
we all know this feeling when sending such messages:

That CERTAIN something is MISSING!!! –

My virtual assistant ensures a personal, well-researched and varied translation of your desired document: online or handwritten –

In the field of English-German and German-English I will certainly be of help to you due to my training as a foreign language correspondent and my experience living in English-speaking countries –

Please have a look below which service I do offer –

In which projects and areas of work have I worked so far ?

During my time abroad, I was very grateful to be able to contribute my skills in some really creative and special fields.

  • In Canada I translated, tested and improved the German localization of the Playstation 3 games
    Borderlands Pre Sequel, Evolve and WW2K15.
  • One of my projects there was to record the audio files and LQA testing (Language Quality Assurance) of the XBOX One game Dance Light Spot Central.
  • In New Zealand, I got supporting roles in the film “The most fun you can have dying” and some extra appearances in some commercials so therefore I was able to contribute my language skills well.

What training / skills do you have?

Because of my desire to travel, I discovered my love for the English language very early on.

At some point I realized that I had a talent for languages ​​and that I really enjoyed learning English and having conversations in it.

I spent a total of 3 years in English-speaking countries abroad (including Canada, New Zealand and Australia) and decided to complete my knowledge with an apprenticeship as a foreign language correspondent.

What services do you offer as a VA for translations?

1.0. E-mail correspondence in English-German / German-English

2.0. Transcription and subtitling of videos and podcasts

3.0. Telephone sales customer care with English speaking customers

4.0. Translation request for documents (excluding legal texts)

5.0. Tutoring for students in English