Time is money – young entrepreneurs know that you cannot have enough free space to work enthusiastically on your new projects –

Then it is finally here … the big moment ! –

A group of young people who are keen to start have registered for your two-week workshop “Sales Training”. Now you should be present and also organize the whole process … the big question:

WHO is now taking care of my daily routine?

My virtual expertise in the field of back office organization relieves you of all email traffic!
If you wish, it can also take care of all your customer correspondence 👍🏼

My research helps you, for example, to accommodate the participants at one of your great events and, of course, to make your stay as pleasant as possible!
I would be pleased and happy to arrange a pleasant spa hotel and breakfast before the long day of the event 🛏🧘🏻‍♀️🥐

In addition, I can upload the event photos to your personally preferred social media channels and manage your account and messages.

This is a small excerpt from my range of experience of activities in which I can support you –

The whole spectrum is further down here on this page –

Let’s create more time and space together !!!

Create more freedom.

Stefan Oberprieler Virtuelle Assistenz hilft mit seinem Backoffice Service dich vor dem Untergang zu bewahren

Are you in the middle of your heart project and need someone to keep your back free for your main tasks?

I can help you keep focus with the following PERFORMANCES:

  • Email correspondence and newsletter
  • Social media channel care and group moderation
  • Data maintenance, research and filing
  • Customer service: via phone or live chat
  • Appointments and calendar maintenance
Endlich relaxen dank Stefan Oberprielers Hilfe als virtueller Assistent im Backoffice Bereich

Get to your destination worry-free.

The time has come, Flo, 32, drummer of an indie rock band, has finally confirmed dates and cities of his first tour of Germany. Unfortunately, all of this happened at very short notice and he could not plan anything for this super important event.

What is he missing? … TIME to organize everything.

The following services are available to you, as with Flo, in the field of TRAVEL MANAGEMENT:

  • Flight and train bookings
  • Check In
  • Transfer organization
  • Hotel bookings
  • Finding restaurants and seat reservations
  • Sightseeing research for longer stays
Stefan Oberprieler VA beschafft euch endlich die verdiente Freizeit