Virtual support for the areas of Webdsign, Translation and Backoffice




  • Tailor-made and personalized support of client
  • Cost savings of the workplace provided
  • No personnel costs, social security contributions or special benefits such as vacation pay or christmas bonus
  • Work done before and after off-peak times
  • Client can decide for himself when and how long the collaboration should be. This means high flexibility and money resource optimization
  • Completion of unloved tasks and their outsourcing
  • No hassle with notice periods, investment costs and statutory labor regulations
  • Start-Ups
  • Private individuals
  • small and medium-sized companies
  • Freelancer
  • Clubs, public institutions and schools
  • Self-employed and consultants
  • Management


Whether classic or modern – appropriately designed or playful layout –

The desire for a supportive hand at a manageable flood of content or the desire to finally create the new, longawaited design of your website –

My virtual assistence in the area Webdesign is recommended for a carefree and joint conception for the digital visualization of your brand –

At the beginning of your start-up or in the midst of your growing process –

No matter whether private travel blog, data maintenance for your online shop or a personally supervised B2B project for the website as a personal coach –

Please take a look at my various services as a virtual assistant in the field of webdesign –


  • Design of your new website in WordPress
  • Design suggestions / arrangements / prototypes
  • One pager design
  • Responsive design of your online appereance
  • Creation of a complete CMS


  • CMS support in WordPress
  • Websiteoptimization for mobile devices
  • Modernization and relaunch of your site
  • Blog design and photo updates
  • Front- and Backend design


  • Longterm websitesupport according to individual requests
  • Hosting / Domain registration (also long term)
  • Update service
  • Uploads of subsequently submitted data
  • Data protection service


Information only arrives when language is conveyed emotionally –

Even though countless online language tools have made it a lot easier for us to communicate with friends, customers and colleagues from all over the world,
we all know this feeling when sending such messages:

That CERTAIN something is MISSING!!! –

My virtual assistant ensures a personal, well-researched and varied translation of your desired document: online or handwritten –

In the field of English-German and German-English I will certainly be of help to you due to my training as a foreign language correspondent and my experience living in English-speaking countries –

Please have a look below which service I do offer –

In which projects and areas of work have I worked so far ?

During my time abroad, I was very grateful to be able to contribute my skills in some really creative and special fields.

  • In Canada I translated, tested and improved the German localization of the Playstation 3 games
    Borderlands Pre Sequel, Evolve and WW2K15.
  • One of my projects there was to record the audio files and LQA testing (Language Quality Assurance) of the XBOX One game Dance Light Spot Central.
  • In New Zealand, I got supporting roles in the film “The most fun you can have dying” and some extra appearances in some commercials so therefore I was able to contribute my language skills well.

What training / skills do you have?

Because of my desire to travel, I discovered my love for the English language very early on.

At some point I realized that I had a talent for languages ​​and that I really enjoyed learning English and having conversations in it.

I spent a total of 3 years in English-speaking countries abroad (including Canada, New Zealand and Australia) and decided to complete my knowledge with an apprenticeship as a foreign language correspondent.

What services do you offer as a VA for translations?

1.0. E-mail correspondence in English-German / German-English

2.0. Transcription and subtitling of videos and podcasts

3.0. Telephone sales customer care with English speaking customers

4.0. Translation request for documents (excluding legal texts)

5.0. Tutoring for students in English


Time is money – young entrepreneurs know that you cannot have enough free space to work enthusiastically on your new projects –

Then it is finally here … the big moment ! –

A group of young people who are keen to start have registered for your two-week workshop “Sales Training”. Now you should be present and also organize the whole process … the big question:

WHO is now taking care of my daily routine?

My virtual expertise in the field of back office organization relieves you of all email traffic!
If you wish, it can also take care of all your customer correspondence 👍🏼

My research helps you, for example, to accommodate the participants at one of your great events and, of course, to make your stay as pleasant as possible!
I would be pleased and happy to arrange a pleasant spa hotel and breakfast before the long day of the event 🛏🧘🏻‍♀️🥐

In addition, I can upload the event photos to your personally preferred social media channels and manage your account and messages.

This is a small excerpt from my range of experience of activities in which I can support you –

The whole spectrum is further down here on this page –

Let’s create more time and space together !!!

Create more freedom.

Stefan Oberprieler Virtuelle Assistenz hilft mit seinem Backoffice Service dich vor dem Untergang zu bewahren

Are you in the middle of your heart project and need someone to keep your back free for your main tasks?

I can help you keep focus with the following PERFORMANCES:

  • Email correspondence and newsletter
  • Social media channel care and group moderation
  • Data maintenance, research and filing
  • Customer service: via phone or live chat
  • Appointments and calendar maintenance
Endlich relaxen dank Stefan Oberprielers Hilfe als virtueller Assistent im Backoffice Bereich

Get to your destination worry-free.

The time has come, Flo, 32, drummer of an indie rock band, has finally confirmed dates and cities of his first tour of Germany. Unfortunately, all of this happened at very short notice and he could not plan anything for this super important event.

What is he missing? … TIME to organize everything.

The following services are available to you, as with Flo, in the field of TRAVEL MANAGEMENT:

  • Flight and train bookings
  • Check In
  • Transfer organization
  • Hotel bookings
  • Finding restaurants and seat reservations
  • Sightseeing research for longer stays
Stefan Oberprieler VA beschafft euch endlich die verdiente Freizeit

About me

Lets get to know each other

Dieses Bild hat ein leeres Alt-Attribut. Der Dateiname ist TUNG9238-683x1024.jpg

Hello everyone, my name is Stefan and I am 41 years old / young. I live near the cozy bavarain city of Munich most of the time.

You don’t meet me there all year round. My big passion is traveling and my heart beats to discover our beautiful world.

Munich, Germany

current location

This is also the reason for my career choice as a virtual assistant.

On the one hand, this career choice gives me a lot of free space for my activities and various types of businesses, on the other hand, my inspiration, my creativity and my motivation benefit enormously from the self-chosen independence of location.

I really enjoy spending time with my friends and family, because it is very important for me to maintain contacts. No matter whether you go to the cinema together, help each other, go swimming together or enjoy a Bavarian beer together 🙂 –

So that you really know that I am the right assistant to support you in the future, summarizing the most important things:

How did my working life go so far:


After completing my training as a forwarding agent at Munich Airport, I took on a leading position in the airfreight and land transport sector after my military service –

Possibly, encouraged by the constant take-off and landing of the aircraft next to my office window, I decided in 2005 for a first working holiday year in Australia –


Packed with adventure, I repeated these stays abroad
2010 and 2014, also in Down Under (New Zealand) and in Canada –

English became a kind of second mother tongue for me. I wanted to invest this knowledge in an apprenticeship so that I could earn money with my hobby –

No sooner said than done: In addition to my many years of work as a forwarding agent (until last year), I was able to complete a second qualified apprenticeship as a FOREIGN LANGUAGE CORRESPONDENT

I was also extremely lucky at work to get hold of some great LANGUAGE PROJECTS and worked on localizing the console games “Borderlands-Pre Sequel”, “Evolve“, “Dance Light Spot Central” and “WWE2K15” (PS3, PS4 & XBoxOne) –

In addition, I was able to gain experience in jobs inside the film and television industry.

Among other things as extrajobs for the English-language, New Zealand film “The most fun you can have dying” with the actress Roxana Mesquida and as a soundtrack for a dance game project –


I was really immersed in this area only about a year ago. But since the beginning is already half of the whole and I really enjoy working out, discussing and creating a web design / website, I naturally offer this service –

Thank you to everyone who was interested in me and my offers up to this stage.
I look forward to getting to know you and improving the world together –

Yours sincerely

Stefan Oberprieler